I have over 9 years experience working with couples and individuals – at Relate Brighton and privately. I am currently working with Relate offering couples counselling as well as being their media spokesperson.

I offer a space where we can work practically to help improve communication quickly, which eases the tension and reduces arguments. This then enables more emotional conversations to be possible, tackling issues together that haven’t been possible on your own.

Doing something about being stuck in a relationship rut or tackling big issues can be difficult on your own. Knowing how to address problems without causing more upset can be tough. Don’t struggle alone, getting help can really make a difference to your relationship. Reach out for support and we can work together to help make change possible.

All sessions are currently being held online via Zoom.

What People Say

“You have made it possible for us to have conversations we never could have had without the safety and structure of therapy”.

Anonymous Client

“Thanks so much for doing this work. You’ve nailed it to be honest. It’s really powerful to find a definition and finally understand what’s going on”.

Anonymous Client

“Thank you for your help and input. I think it’s definitely helped our relationship and especially communication between us”.

Anonymous Client

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